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Short about places:

One of the most active graffiti groups in Ljubljana.

The collective of this anarcho-queer-feminist space practices direct interventions against sexism in everyday life,organizes protests,writes and is sewing a net of resistance.

Ambasada Rog is a community center run by refugees and activists, squaters, artists, students and workers from all over the world, united in fighting beaurocratic barbed wire fences and helping each other to survive in an increasingly unfriendly Europe.

An international group of six artists work at Studio 10: Nejc Franetic (Slovenia), Tatiana Kocmur (Slovenia-Argentina), Evgen Čopi (Slovenia), Francisco Tomsich (Uruguay-Slovenia), Damián Vega (Spain) and Otto Urpelainen (Finland). Activities are all determined by art practices: working process in series of art works, preparation of exhibitions, meetings with curators, visitors, collectors and researchers. There are also skate meetings and music rehearsals. Studios are equipped with tables and chairs for meetings and working, and some musical instruments. The range of productions covers painting, drawing, graphic art, posters, publications, music, inventions, art projects, texts, conversation and art theory, skate sessions.

A small exhibition space with an accompanying room for hanging out that occasionally turns into a night club. The collective hosts and presents exhibitions, live concerts and Dj sessions.

Cirkusarna NaokROG serves as an exercise space for different circus affiliated practices that are based on the mutual exchange of knowledge. It is also used as a theatre where the interested public can see the fruits of these aforementioned exercises.

An atelier and workshop whose users hand is one of the most visible on the factories landscape and reconstruction works.

A communal space for physical culture and blowing off steam. Used for cage football and a sea of martial art practices.

In Ljubljana there is a lot of galleries. They are usually empty. This one isn’t.

Sport and culture association GOR is a voluntary, independent, public and non-profit bunch of individuals who get together for the common development and growing of Hip Hop culture.

The Rog hall is an event space meant primarily for music performance. It is active from the start of Rog and has hosted international and local artist from all genres and styles. The Rog Hall offers diversity on the club scene and is sleeplessly providing a brute and primal addition to the active subcultures.

Workers cooperative Rog was born as an attempt to try to animate the leading holders of knowledge and workers to takover the ROG brand and collectively continue with the production. Although the project failed, the idea and the cooperative live on.

Modri kot is a space in continuous becoming - it is constantly developing its infrastructure (ambient, functionality, maintainance) and activities it produces and defines simultaneously. It is there, to be used for: multidisciplinatory cultural production, including performative arts, political monologues with interventions, music and sound events, roundtables, workshops, lectures, literary and word events, ambiental arts, political excurses. Modri kot (Blue corner) is a place that researches and theoretises the activities it produces. Modri kot is also a project space, intended for processes, meetings, assemblies and every day to day chit chatting. We do not have entrance fees, the space functions with the support of all visitors giving voluntary donations/prix libre/coins in boxes.

RGB Embassy is the work and exhibition/performative space of the artist group RGB. We do painting, sculptures, video, experimental and internet art. We’re active from 1999 and are the cofounders of the MCS initiative.

Second Home was founded as the culmination of the struggle of the Antiracist front without borders and the Working group for asylum.

It hosts and produces different events devoted to migrant issues. The place attempts to have regular migrant assemblies, cooking for a few of its regular users or 200 guests of the factory, lectures, film projections, workshops, collecting humanitarian aid and hanging out alone or with others. Second home and its users try to find solutions on how to survive in the contemporary Europe as a migrant, refugee or precarious worker on one side, and how to fight for justice on the other.

A group of friends, active in a space where we dance breakdance, do music, illustrate, paint, sew, repair clothes and do other activities.

Indoor Skatepark. 99% recicled,

Social center Rog is primarily meant for socialising and political organising of socially disempowered and marginalised social groups and individuals whose workers, civic and/or human rights are violated.

We work on problematics of social inequality and exclusion, economic exploitation, racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination tied to sexual orientation, personal circumstances, cultural specifics, etc.

It defines the psychophysics of everything that exists. Movement, social movement liberates!

The basics of fighting standing up, basics of movement, acquiring fighting distance and the fighting stance.

Active thought… active body… active human… our future!

The space is primarily conceptualised as a white cube gallery that enables quality exhibitions to artists from Rog and acquires the attention of the public.

Autonomous production of theoretical, political and artistic practices, that would additionally pluralize the scene. The collective springs out of the need of a non-institutional, non-profit and engaged production and exchange of knowledge that transitions into practice.